The Challenge

The Client is one of the largest organizations dealing in stationery and home supplies. The Client desired to be a trendsetter through e-commerce. But, though the existing design of the Client’s website was good, the UI wasn’t effective and responsive enough to help users perform actions envisioned by the brand. As we all know, A perfect user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are the two elements that make the biggest impression on modern-day customers. Hence, the Client was planning to improve their online store website based on Magento. The Client reached us to create a great user experience as the Client wanted to trigger the factors that lead to conversion and actual purchase.

Approach, the CommerceRush way!

Though Magento is known for its ability to accommodate different branding styles and eCommerce niches, some online retailers struggle to find the right and effective design for their eShops.

58 %

Increased Conversion

15 %

Customer Retention

36 %

Increase in Sales

“CommerceRush approached us when we were struggling with our e-commerce store specifically on the UI/UX part. We were fortunate enough to get in touch with them and receive all the support from them in order to give us a product that we can go out with and compete in the market. They have gone out of their way to give us end-to-end support whenever required. Good work CR.”

Andrew Karter Client
Adam Milne

Digital Head


To optimize the Client’s eCommerce website for better traction and reach, we helped the Client make their UX & UI more impelling. After all, eCommerce development is all about effective UX designing.

Our expert team located the areas that require cosmetic and interface design changes. Once the gaps were discovered, our designers came up with a strategic approach to derive an enhanced alternative UI that resonates well with the audience. The tools & techniques which we used for revamping the UI and UX includes

  • Adobe
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript

Our Solutions

We identified and set the areas where design up-gradation, UI perfection, and a new UX approach were required. With vast experience in Magento development, the CommerceRush team started the project with advanced UX research to lay the cornerstone for further improving the websites.

Creating Customers Segments and Customer types
Each customer indeed has different shopping behaviour, goals, and concern. At CommerceRush, we used the customer data & identified the standard features of key customer segments, and created customer types
The four factors used to describe the element is based on

  • Background
  • Use of modern technologies
  • Buying preferences
  • Shopping behaviour

We enabled the Client to target customer types specified by similar features and shopping behavior instead of using the general approach.

User-centric Search

We designed and developed a tailor-made user-centric search tool that was intuitive, suggestive, and super-resourceful for visitors to find easily what they are looking for.

Declutter CTAs (Call To Action)

We helped the Client design the skeleton for the correct number of CTAs and strategically place them on the website, keeping the target audience in mind for better engagement and customer experience for improved conversion.

An appealing homepage with Simple Signups and Checkouts

Your Homepage directly dictates the credibility of your company. So, we helped the Client improve their Homepage by making it more attractive and appealing with the help of UI and UX as its minimalist Homepage, which determines if your visitors would stay back and shop.
The Client was struggling with the cancellation of lots of transactions due need for visitors to sign up at checkout. We concentrated on the guest privileges for visitors to push happy shopping for customers.

Product Thumbnails

It’s easy to shop with the images, isn’t it? When it comes to the checkout page, product thumbnails play a vital role in improving the visitor experience. So to remove confusion leading to delay in the purchase, we presented the product image on the checkout page to assure customers of their investment.

Bigger Font Size

Smartphones have changed the way of our life by bringing everything on fingertips. We all mostly use smartphones for our interactions and e-shopping, and it is well known that smartphone has a screen size smaller than that of other devices people use and created specific issues for the Client. Some elderly people and others who suffer from vision problems find it difficult to read and understand due to the small screen. To accommodate the needs of everyone, we replaced smaller fonts with bigger ones and aesthetics of the Client’s website resulting in improved engagement and visitor experience.


CommerceRush Special!

Consistent with the initial task, the CommereceRush expert team developed prototypes of web pages to improve the websites. We help to make business operations effective and smooth.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Start moving things, by booking an appointment with us. Our specialists are prepared to re-discover the E-commerce journey with you.

“CommerceRush helped us unlock our potentials for e-commerce. We appreciate their progressive approach and undivided support.”

Mark Williamson

CEO – Beauty Industry

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