The Challenge

Gemrize, with its years of experience and unique jewelry designing skill set, offers a wide range of jewelry designing services to clientele. The company provides the service of highly skilled designers who can come up with mesmerizing and compelling personalized jewelry designs. They wanted to switch their business to digital space with a fantastic WordPress website as a CMS to enable the users to design their jewelry independently or book a design consultant to get in touch with you to discuss the custom jewelry design ideas.

Approach, the CommerceRush way!

To show the client how the website would look and function, a prototype website was built for them to see the look and feel of the website along with some of the functionalities.

After a couple of discussions on different technologies and platforms, we concluded wordpress to be the most suitable CMS. We couldn’t resist the appeal of its simplicity, theme support, and cheaper continuing maintenance expenditures.

A website that gives users an opportunity to explore and purchase different jewelry and allows users to come up with their unique designs requires top-notch quality with intelligent planning and implementation. We first decided to research the targeted users to know how they would like to design their own jewelry. Our focus was to design software that would be easily manageable by end-users and also easy to integrate.

58 %

Improved Organic Presence

100 %

Custom Development with enhanced UI/UX

20 %

Increase in AOV

“We are a small business with a big footprint offline but needed to transmit that to an online presence with a tactically positioned website that didn’t get lost in the crowd. At the same time CommerceRush respected that a website is like a living being that needs constant attention and upkeep and while we didn’t have the resources in-house to maintain the site, they stepped in as our de-facto IT department and ensured smooth running.”

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Custom Jewelry Store

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Our Objectives

  • Theme Integration and website development
  • Static page creation with enhanced UI/UX
  • Woocommerce setup and product upload/management
  • Customized Jewelry form creation

Our Solutions

We started with building a WordPress CMS as per the client’s requirement and tried to keep it as simple as possible in terms of maintenance. The client wanted a website that is seamlessly manageable by the whole team. With flawless back-end development of the website, moving towards the front-end, we needed a UI/UX that looks stunning but is also functional. As this is a luxury jewellery store, we wanted a decent and sophisticated design to enhance the products. Our design team brought all the creativity to the table for creating a stunning design.

Along with back-end, front-end, the third but imperative goal was responsiveness. The client wanted the website to run smoothly on every smartphone by looking into the mobile-first approach. Having the backbone of a skillful development team, we completed the goal seamlessly.

We then moved towards a theme integration that makes the website look more interactive and responsive using Woocommerce to provide a platform that could offer a list of products from the client to the users.

Technologies That Were Employed

Our experienced team of developers and designers used the following technologies, tools, and methodologies to design the website to meet our client’s specific requirements.

  • WordPress
  • Photoshop (CS5)
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JS Sliders
  • WooCommerce
  • Customised jewellery form development
  • MySQL
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Client’s Benefits

  • Easily turned their business from a physical store to a well-visited website that increased their customers up to 75% just in a month.
  • Higher rate of conversion due to a responsive design and efficient web design. The customer acquisition rate moved from 35% to 82% within a period of 6 weeks.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Start moving things, by booking an appointment with us. Our specialists are prepared to re-discover the E-commerce journey with you.

“CommerceRush helped us unlock our potentials for e-commerce. We appreciate their progressive approach and undivided support.”

Mark Williamson

CEO – Beauty Industry

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