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Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative business fields in the present world of digitalization, and it can build for your business a successful growth strategy if utilized efficiently. Effective digital marketing strategies have worked out great number of profits for big businesses and small businesses alike, no matter where you start the important thing is where you can go to, and with the right tools of digital marketing the way is always forward. The blog below discusses in depth the field of digital marketing, tools of digital marketing, how to use these tools of digital marketing for your business for maximising your profit and your growth curve being an upward slope always. Let’s dive-in, shall we?

What is Digital Marketing?

In simple words put, Digital marketing is the branch of marketing that utilises internet and online based platforms for marketing products and services of one’s brand. The digital marketing channel includes a varied range of digital communication means such as social media, website portal, Email, and other multimedia text e=messaging tools and applications. The key role of marketing is to communicate efficiently and effectively a brand message and inform the target audience about the products and services available and offered by the said brand, but with Digital marketing the selling process became more personalized and transformed itself into more than just selling, it is a platform that equips the businesses to interact and engage with their potential and existing customers, these digital marketing tools help the businesses to understand their target market more deeply and enables them to better their marketing strategies in accordance to the results they gather.

Marketing evolved into more than just a means to communicate, it became smart and efficient into a two-way communication street built between the customers and the business owners, it equips the businesses to understand on a deeper level of how their audience operates and what all necessary elements of their brand needs to be highlighted to get the due attention that everyone craves for. Digital Marketing helps the business owners into creating in-depth strategies for marketing on all platforms in accordance with the end result they plan on getting through the said campaign.

Branches of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a huge umbrella which includes within wide ranges of branches that altogether brings to the business what was not possible with traditional marketing before.

The first branch of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO, in layman’s language refers to optimization of online content available on a business website portal in harmony with the search engine’s algorithm. Keywords and internal linking are proven to be great tools for improving and building successful SEO strategy. SEO ensures the reach of your website portal to the right audience and improve your chances at search engine rankings.

Once you ensure your website portal’s content optimization the next step in Digital marketing or the next branch of digital marketing is Paid Advertising. As much as the businesses prefer organic growth, a push is required in order to better the reach of the existing content that you have published it is crucial that you start including paid advertising in your digital marketing mix before your strategy goes on floor. Paid advertising can be done on social media handles and on other website portals. The advertisements you see on website portals of brands that are in relation with the content but not a product of the website itself is referred to as paid advertising done by brands to be placed rightly in the audience’s mind and attention. Paid advertising when done without planning and a strategy can backfire, understand which are the right places to reach your target audience, do proper market research and look for potential prospects of platforms that can work in your favour if advertised on.

The third and the youngest branch of Digital marketing is Social Media Marketing, wherein the biggest platform of this century becomes your stage to advertise and to reach out to your target audience, find your community and build a relationship with your potential and existing buyers. Social media marketing has grown out to be a branch that is powered with more energy from the millennial population, but with time the popularity of this branch of digital marketing grew out its reach to other demographics as well. Social media marketing is present day the most lucrative and the most efficient platform for brands to advertise and to inform their target markets on.

Before starting the strategy building for digital marketing mix understand the different branches of digital marketing, choose which of them or all of them that can work in your business’s favour and design a strategy that works for you for a long period of time.

Digital Marketing Metrics- Analysing end results

Here are 5 sure-shot ways to analyse and calculate your overall growth and performance of your digital marketing strategies. Calculation and overview are always important when utilising digital marketing strategies to empower your business, not just to analyse the performance levels but also because it helps you into understanding your target audience more efficiently.

  • Website Traffic: A crucial success metric for businesses is to measure the foot-fall of customers, but if your business is no longer a physical address how do you know your marketing strategies are working? Through Digital marketing one of the most efficient metric is calculation of the website traffic you have had in the past time duration. Website traffic refers to the people/customers you have had who you have successfully driven to your website portal. Website traffic calculation refers to calculation of the number of people visiting your website portal. This metric helps you understand how many people were you able to grab and make them visit your work and examine your products/services.
  • Traffic source: This metric in particular showcases you which of your communication channel is working efficiently into bringing more traffic to your website portal. This metric enables business owners with information about their customers, their preferable source to get information about the products/services that the business offers with and how much effective your digital marketing strategies exactly are, and which platforms you need to focus more on to drive more people towards your website portal and in essence to your business.
  • Preferable page views: Page views and most visited pages of your website reveals which part of your business services/products that you serve with most attracts the buyers. This metric helps you build a more efficient UX for your audience/customers and increase the number of visits you get very fast and efficiently. Most visited pages reveal for you what is the most lucrative part of your business venture, what attracts your target audience the most, and which parts of your business you need to start paying attention to.
  • Conversion: Unless your potential customers turn into active customers all your business marketing strategies are nothing but just strategies. The biggest and most important of all goals for any business is to increase the amount of conversion rate when it comes to digital marketing or any form of marketing, conversion rates of your audience will reveal to you exactly how effective your digital marketing strategies have been for your business and if the results are adverse you have with you clear metrics providing with room for improvement.
  • Social Reach: Your social media accounts that helps you attract the greatest number of visitors needs to be on the list of metric evaluation for your end result evaluation list. Social reach examines the number of social media accounts and social media feeds your social media post has managed to reach, if the number is high and yet engagement is low you need to work on the design layouts and content marketing strategy that you have implemented for social media marketing. Social reach evaluates the number of people/potential customers your post was able to reach out to, if the number is low, the understanding of your social media platform algorithm is low and the need to work upon your technical strategy in accordance to the social media algorithm for more efficiency.

Beginner’s Guide!

Here are the steps into building your own digital marketing strategy for your business. Equip your business with a digital armour and watch it strive!

  • Step 1: Build an ideal customer persona
  • Step 2: Enlist your goals and tools required
  • Step 3: Commence Blogging
  • Step 4: Examine all digital marketing channels
  • Step 5: Determine the right technology to utilise
  • Step 6: Ensure your communication channels and the source of customer feedback
  • Step 7: Know your competitors and ensure you have a differentiated strategy
  • Step 8: Track your growth consistently

End note:

We hope we delivered you the right collection of resources you need to ensure that you build a successful model of digital marketing strategy that works for your business. Always remember personalization is always important, always have an original digital strategy for your business, general information is great for the base to be strong, gather resourceful information about your market ad understand your audience before you implement your digital marketing strategy and always know what works for one doesn’t always work for all. Authenticity and uniqueness are the key factors of success on digital marketing platforms.

Happy Digitalizing!

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