How important is social media for creating a name for yourself in the e-commerce space? It may seem insignificant to some. However, we are here to advise you on effectively using your social media presence to promote your e-commerce business or brand.

The Realisation

Can you see how online purchasing has evolved? With the advent of technology, social media is being monetized at a breakneck pace. Instead of visiting a brand’s website, you may now purchase directly from their social media profile. Because of this, the partnership has become a significant and influential notion for businesses to realize their visions.

The typical user spends 144 minutes each day on social media. With this level of quantifiable exposure, the user is certain to be exposed to a variety of e-commerce brands and stores, all of which affect their purchasing behaviors and habits.

According to research, 30% of online shoppers said they would be likely to make a purchase using social media. This data should catapult you into realizing that if you own an e-commerce store, now is the time to start stepping up your social media game to boost your sales.

The Significance

Important Marketing Tool 

In addition to being places where individuals can exchange information, social networks can serve other purposes. The technology has developed into a commercial platform used by an increasing number of companies. With the help of social media, you can find new customers, make sales, and launch new marketing initiatives. It drives people towards your marketing campaigns and helps with the increased discovery by adding a layer of marketing medium to your portfolio.

Set a connection with your audience 

Gone are those days when a customer could only connect with a salesperson to purchase a product. This new age has introduced multiple lattices in the shopping experience by connecting customers directly to the creators of the business. Clearly, both customers, as well as business owners, are taking advantage of the same.

58.5% of companies used social media to share general updates, 57.8% communicated directly and 53.4% shared marketing messages, and 37.7% of companies say they use social media to sell.

Build your Unique image 

A brand is more likely to be perceived positively with a functional social media presence. Conversion rates are improved when customers provide positive feedback, input, and appreciation. Include client-created content as part of your system. With this gold-mine technique, the customer can express themselves extremely well since they can relate to the subject.

These statistics highlight the fact that a social media presence, as well as the content you post, are hugely influential on brand image and sales.

Final Verdict

A strong but well-defined social media strategy assists e-commerce stores and brands in reaching new heights of excellence. It is an amplifier that helps customers have a better image of a brand, where they may choose to be connected with all aspects of the brand rather than simply the products. However, for e-commerce businesses and brands, it is an essential driving force for growth.

Published On: September 9th, 2021 / Categories: Digital Marketing /

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